10 tips to improve your home’s curb appeal

June 18, 2020

10 tips to improve your home's curb appeal

First impressions matter- at least they do when it comes to your home's exterior. No matter how lovely the interior of your house may be, the exterior can make or break a sale. Improving your curb appeal takes a critical eye, but once you have identified areas that need improvement, the steps to do so are rather simple and can play such a huge role! Read along for some tips from us and see what you can apply to your own home if you are thinking of selling in the future or if you want some ideas on improving things for your own enjoyment.

1. Add fresh greenery and flowers. 

Fresh greenery and flowers adds a lot of appeal to a drive-by viewer or someone coming into your home for a tour. They will make your home look fresh and vibrant, both key to creating a welcoming atmosphere. If you garden, make sure your beds are cleaned and spruced up. Adding flowers/greenery fill and freshening up your mulch will go a long way. Gardening can be a bit overwhelming, so if it's not for you, don't worry. Adding some planters to your porch (standing or hanging) and window boxes can create a lovely effect. Hanging plants can be a great tool to frame various elements of your home, like doors or attractive windows.

2. Consider repainting your front door. 

Adding a bold pop of color to your curb appeal can make your home stand out amongst others. Say you repaint your door to a bold plum, blue, or yellow, an interested buyer may refer to your home as "the one with the yellow door," leaving a lasting impression. Repainting a door isn't as costly as other painting jobs and is an easy DIY job for anyone.

3. Clean out your gutters. 

Spring and summer in Maine are an excellent time to dedicate a weekend day to cleaning out and scrubbing your gutters. Take before and after pictures. You won't believe the difference it makes!

4. Dress up your porch with seating. 

Get some outdoor or patio furniture and stage it on your porch to make your home look welcoming. Anyone driving by will be able to imagine themselves enjoying coffee or a glass of wine with a friend/neighbor on your porch if you set out two rocking chairs and a small table. Plus, you might enjoy it, too!

5. Do a drive-by. 

Get in your car and slowly drive by your home in both directions. Put yourself in the shoes of an interested home buyer and try to see your house through their eyes. What will they notice? Do the gutters need a good clean and scrub? Are any shingles missing from the roof? Could your lawn use a little extra TLC. You can ever recruit a friend or neighbor to do a drive-by and give you their thoughts, too! It is amazing what our eyes will get used to and how we may not notice the things that could use a little attention.

6. Mailbox makeover. 

How does your mailbox look? Could it use a replacement or some sprucing up? Maybe a fresh coat of paint? Or maybe the area around it needs some landscaping. Planting flowers around a mailbox as well as attending to any of the other needs is a great way to achieve higher curb appeal. Need some inspiration? Check out this blog to see how one mailbox was beautifully spruced up!

7. Replace your house numbers. 

Old house numbers can be difficult to read from the street and may look outdated. Replacing them can be an easy DIY project that adds a lot of cohesiveness to your home. There are many different styles from numbers, so think about what goes well with what you have already worked on or what you hope to achieve with your curb appeal improvements.

8. Power wash!

Power washing is without a double one of the most satisfying projects for your home. If you think your home can benefit from it, power wash the dirt and grime off your porch, driveway, walkway, and siding. Take before and after pictures to see the result of your hard work!

9. Open your home up. 

Not literally. Don't leave your home unlocked or your door open. But, create the illusion of an open, welcoming home by leaving the blinds, curtains, and shutters open during the day when you are home. Especially during weekends when interested home buyers may be doing drive-bys. Make sure to go outside and see how everything looks opened up from the street to see if there is anything else you can do to window treatments to improve the look.

10. Add some light to your landscaping. 

Solar landscaping lights are inexpensive and can be a great way to illuminate your yard, gardens, and walkway. This is another way to create a welcoming illusion for your home. They can highlight the hard work you've done to accentuate your home and it's curb appeal.