Christina Young

Christina Young is a native of Scarborough, where she has cultivated strong familial and friendship bonds that span multiple generations. Her passion for people has continuously expanded her circle of friends and family ties. Living alongside her soulmate, Dan LaRou, on the banks of the Nonesuch River, they have built a sustainable and environmentally-conscious lifestyle in their efficient "green home." Together, they practice land and environmental conservation through vegetable, perennial, and fruit gardening, chemical-free yard maintenance, composting, and beekeeping—a hobby they are now entering their second year of enjoying.

Christina's two adult children live and work locally, leading self-directed lives that remain closely intertwined with her own. The purchase of her home inspired Christina to re-activate her associate broker license, which she had held since the mid-to-late 1990s. With 25 years of experience managing her family's auto sales business, Christina's strong work ethic and determination to succeed in supporting her family have become invaluable skills that she now applies across her various career pursuits. After attending college, Christina ventured into the fields of nutrition, teaching, and health and wellness counseling, focusing on sustainable nutrition practices.

Throughout her lifetime of service to others, Christina has honed essential skills, such as attentive listening, troubleshooting areas of concern, and fostering open and candid communication to build strong relationships. She takes immense pride in a job well done and finds joy in helping others achieve their goals.

Now in her seventh year back in the real estate industry, Christina's love for teaching and her unwavering commitment to helping people to the best of her ability continue to drive her. She constantly seeks opportunities to learn and grow as a realtor while giving back to her community of past, present, and future home buyers, sellers, and investors.


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