Cindy Olsen

Cindy Olsen is a Portland native and although she moved away a couple times, when it came time to start a family, she knew Maine was the place to give them the best start in life. She has raised three wonderful, caring children here in Greater Portland.

In the late 90’s, Cindy owned a real estate management company but when she started selling Real Estate, she found that it was exactly what she wanted to do for the rest of her life!

Cindy loves the feeling of helping people through the steps of purchasing a home! Likewise, she enjoys introducing clients to what Greater Portland has to offer.

She listens to what clients envision in a new home, what fits their lifestyle, and how they want to live their lives. There is no better feeling than finding that right place and she always tells buyers to trust their gut...they will know it when they walk into the right place!

Listening to owners that want to sell their homes is just as important. Cindy discusses goals with sellers in order for them to make the most for the home they’re selling. As the selling process can sometimes be an emotional one, she approaches a sale with a way that is right, whether that means working fast or working slow in order for the seller to feel as if they’re being taken care of throughout the process. 

Cindy approaches all aspects of buying and selling with warmth and a bit of humor. Her clients keep coming back as they find her process to be professional and safe. She is humbled and grateful for all the trust that her clients have for her, especially when they send family and friends her way. There is no better compliment.

Simply put, Cindy loves what she does, AND she love where she does it!


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