Kate Hodgson
Kate Hodgson is a full-time real estate professional providing personalized service for the Greater Portland market. She has been in real estate for over 12 years, after zigzagging through such diverse fields as arts education, scientific research, and event marketing. Real estate was a natural fit for Kate as it combined a number of passions in a professional setting. Kate's style is collaborative; she believes in asking a lot of relevant questions to establish goals and build appropriate strategies. She is honest and authentic, not pushy. Her ability to synthesize and analyze market trends is key to helping clients make informed decisions. With Kate there are no gimmicks, just common sense service. She received a BA in Art and Art History from St Lawrence University, a BAHons in Sociology from the University of Tasmania in Australia, and has completed over 3 years of study for a PhD in Sociology.  All of this has led Kate to a great appreciation for structures and spaces and how people live in them. On a personal note, Kate loves to travel; around Maine, the US, and the world (45 countries and counting). She is an avid sportswoman (plays hockey year-round) and has a love of the arts (particularly architecture). She is a proud supporter of women’s and girls’ ice hockey, animal welfare organizations, and she is an active member of groups brought together to discuss current affairs. “I have built my business on the idea that if you are fair, work hard, and treat people right, they will recommend you to their friends and family. Won’t you join us?”

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