Katie Leavitt

Katie Leavitt, a proud Portland native, was born in 1980 and has dedicated her life to discovering every nook, cranny, and neighborhood that Greater Portland has to offer. With cherished memories and insights from all over the city, Katie's personal favorites include the Portland Public Library, Mackworth Island, Portland Trails, the Eastern Promenade, Evergreen Cemetery, and Becky's Diner.

Launching her real estate career in 2021, Katie is thrilled to be part of the Locations Real Estate Group in Falmouth, Maine. She is passionate about guiding clients on their journey toward homeownership, with a particular emphasis on first-time homebuyers. Recognizing the sense of stability and sanctuary that homeownership offers, Katie strives to be a compassionate and knowledgeable guide, helping people from all walks of life achieve their home buying and selling dreams.

Katie currently resides in North Deering, Portland with her husband of 21 years, Jim, and their two bright, creative daughters, Audrey and Ida. The family also includes their loving chocolate lab-pittie mix, Cocoa, and two playful feline companions, Mittens and Mr. Hamlet S. Boy. In her leisure time, Katie enjoys practicing yoga at Greener Postures, cozying up with her cats, experimenting with watercolors, nurturing her houseplants, and exploring the beautiful state of Maine.


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