Samantha Cicciarelli

Samantha Cicciarelli, a Falmouth, Maine native with a unique background in Marine Biology and water quality analysis, brings a fresh perspective to real estate. After earning her degree from the University of New England, she ventured to Florida to work with Tropicana's Research and Development lab and an environmental water lab, honing her analytical skills.

Samantha returned to her beloved Maine in 2016 alongside her husband Brandon, and the couple, together with their two children and a dog, enjoy the vibrant life of Falmouth. She leveraged her passion for homes into creating a successful home renovation business, Chickadee Homes. Inspired by this venture, she decided to further pursue a career in real estate.

Now as a Sales Agent, Samantha channels her extensive knowledge and passion for homes and design into helping clients find their dream homes. As a local, she is well-versed in Maine life and enjoys exploring the area and sharing her insights with her clients.


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