Best color palette inspirations for your kitchen

July 16, 2020

Best color palette inspirations for your kitchen

As we head into the mid-summer season of quarantine, we also head into a new wave of home improvement ideas. During this time of home cooking, barbecuing, and fun summer recipes, it is also important to love and feel at home in the space that you are working in. If you are hoping to achieve a stylish, comfortable, and effective space in your kitchen, one of the best tips for starting your process is by choosing a flattering color palette for your space.

The key to selecting a color palette is to choose different tones for the main components of the kitchen, like the cabinets, flooring, backsplash, metal details, walls, and others. Take some inspiration from Houzz’s most popular spring kitchen trends!

If you’re looking to incorporate some brass details and finishes into your kitchen space, try pairing it with lighter tones such as white and ivory shades onto the kitchen cabinets. Shades of yellow, or deep blue and green work well on wall spaces to match these.

If you tend to lean towards neutral palettes, pairing the traditional grays and whites are a great option, and works well with light colored granite countertops. Neutral palettes also work excellently with wooden floors and details, as well as brass finishes if you are hoping to add a bit of flare to the space.

For those of you that enjoy more vibrant and unique colors, as well as a rustic style, distressed blue, especially for islands and kitchen cabinets, is a great option. This color compliments any floral patterns you may want to include into the backsplash. Choosing neutral white tones for the walls alongside wooden floors help to complete this style.

Another popular palette is the use of beiges, whites and off-whites, along with wood and brass.  It is a simple and easy option yet it helps to brighten and open up a space. Rich brown shades of wood go along smoothly with brighter shades of white and beige to the walls and cabinetry. Light shades of marble or granite also compliment this color palette. If you’re looking to add some flares of color, add in little details of light pink, blue, or green. Deep and rich browns as well as brass handles enhance and match the beige nicely.

There are a multitude of options for color palettes and styles! Staying at home during this summer gives us a great opportunity to continue working on home improvements while we have the time. Try out some of these ideas if you like them, or explore color palettes and kitchen inspiration on the Locations Real Estate Group Pinterest page!