Cleaning tips- What to avoid, what you need, how to reduce, and more!

December 10, 2020

Cleaning tips- What to avoid, what you need, how to reduce, and more!

Some people love cleaning, for others it is a dreaded chore. However you feel about it, cleaning your house is obviously a necessary task. But, with all the rooms in your home, all the surfaces, and all the cleaning options to consider, it can be tough to figure out what to focus on and what you can hold off on a majority of the time. In this blog post, we have included tips and tricks on how to maximize your cleaning efforts and prioritize your time. We hope it is helpful for you!

Things you don't have to clean as often as you think

1. Mirrors- Spraying a mirror with too much glass cleaner can damage its reflective backing. The damage shows up as black spots around the edges or even in the middle of the mirror. Instead of constant cleaning, live with a few smudges and clean mirrors no more than once a week. When you do clean them, go easy with the glass cleaner. Less is more in the long-run!

2. Light fixtures- Once a month, dust light fixtures with a microfiber cloth or feather duster. Once a year, take off the glass parts or shade off and clean with soap and water. That's all you need to do!

3. Small appliances- Toasters, coffeemakers, stand mixers, etc don’t need to be kept sparkling, even if you use them regularly. Wipe up spills when they happen, and you’ll only need to do a thorough cleaning every few months.

Essential household cleaning supplies to keep in your aresenal

1. Spray mop with reusable pads- A spray mop is such a handy tool to have. One with a built-in sprayer that you can fill with your favorite cleaner and reusable pads with benefit you in the long-run and keep any wood/laminate/tile floors you have nice and clean. Using it is easy and the benefit pays off, big time.

2. High quality vacuum- This is an item to spend some good money on. Invest in a quality vacuum and it will do the job and last hopefully a long time.

3. Distilled white vinegar- This pantry staple is safe to use on nearly all surfaces. It's a must for mixing up homemade cleaning products and cutting out the chemicals.

4. An apron- I am a recent convert to the glory of cooking with an apron- I have wrecked far too many shirts with grease spots. Aprons are cheap and so very handy. Get one for yourself!

Reduce waste in cleaning tasks and chores

1. Use reusable dryer balls instead of sheets- Wool dryer balls are sustainable and energy-efficient. Instead of using single-use dryer sheets that are filled with chemicals, reusable dryer balls combat static and wrinkles just as effectively and can reduce your drying time by 10-25% per load!

2. Use a drying rack or clothesline- Air drying your clothes instead of drying them in the machine can reduce your home’s carbon footprint by an estimated 2,400 pounds per year. Also, sunshine's UV rays are great at disinfecting fabrics. If you don’t have the space for a clothesline, a compact drying rack will do the trick.

3. Use beeswax food wraps instead of plastic wrap or aluminum foil- Reusable beeswax wraps are a great alternative to plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and even ziplock baggies. Beeswax is great for preserving veggies, snacks, and in place of plastic wrap on containers for leftovers. The only thing they really can't be used on is raw meat.They clean up quickly by hand washing in colder water and have a very long lifetime.