Easy ways to make a small space look bigger

June 11, 2020

Easy ways to make a small space look bigger

For many renters in apartments and those who live in older homes, small rooms and spaces can be a tough obstacle to work around. The newer trend of open concept and loftier rooms automatically lends itself to larger, more airy spaces that other places like apartments can lack. However, there are many ways to make a smaller space look better that are easy to do, they just take a little ingenuity and creativity!

One of the easiest, “no brainer” things that anyone can do is to clear out the clutter. While this seems obvious, clutter is so easy to get built up and, in no time, it can make even the biggest room feel cramped and disorganized. Set aside time every week to make sure all clutter is cleaned up. Look into easy organizational solutions and ideas (like these!) and make a conscious effort to keep on top of clutter!

Another easy tip is to take advantage of all the natural light your space has to offer. Letting in and focusing on light will make any room look larger. Get rid of heavy draperies and add more lamps or upgrade light fixtures to improve the overall lighting. And, here’s a sneaky tip, hang mirrors on walls that don’t get much natural light on their own. The mirrors will allow you to bounce light from windows and create the illusion of more light. More light=more open!

Color coordination and color in general is also a great tool to deceive the eye and make smaller spaces look larger. Pieces of furniture that match a wall color can create a blending effect that give the illusion of a larger room when compared to the use of contrasting colors. Lighter, cool colors can also make a space feel airy and open. A bonus tip- soft tones of blue and green are “in” this year!

Finally- go big! The use of a few larger decorative items instead of many small accents can reduce a “clutter-y” look. Let the room breathe; you don’t need a decorative item on every surface! Larger scale art is also a great idea instead of many smaller pieces hung together gallery style on one wall in a smaller space. It’s also perfectly okay to leave some walls blank! Lastly, opting for one or two larger, statement furniture items instead of more smaller ones in a single space will also make a room feel larger.