Hanging plant ideas

April 29, 2021

Hanging plant ideas

Houseplants are all the rage these days and we are here for it! Plants can really brighten up a space and liven things up (literally). Plus, they can be good for the air quality of your home. With so many people jumping into the houseplant trend, we completely understand how your space and become...limited. Plus, unfortunately, many houseplants are toxic to cats and dogs. So, what do we do about this? Hang them! Hanging plants are such a great design trend. Here are some tips to incorporate this into your space.

1. On a Covered Patio- As the weather gets warmer, you can transition some of your inside plants to a patio or screened-in porch space. This can add to an oasis-like feel to an outdoor dining and relaxation area. Your luscious, layered greenery will draw the eye away from manmade materials and help create a sense of natural serenity.

2. In a Cozy Reading Nook- A lovely, trailing plant hanging from the ceiling has the power to draw people near. That works to the advantage of a reading nook, lending a sense of comfort to the space. Paired with plenty of pillows and natural light, the plant ensures this space scores a 10 out of 10 on the coziness scale.

3. Tucked in a Living Room Corner- Hanging planters look awesome in a corner of a living room where they can be admired without interrupting the flow of traffic in and out of the room. They can add a sweet touch of natural beauty and a pop of color to a space!

4. In Your Home Office- Are you still working from home in 2021? Maybe your office has made the official hybrid switch? Hanging plants can breathe life into and invigorate a home office space. They are little rays of sunshine that don't mind a smaller space!