Home design tricks and tips that promote a healthy lifestyle

June 4, 2020

Home design tricks and tips that promote a healthy lifestyle

Health is wealth. How many times have we heard that? Maybe it’s the fact that the world and our country continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, but many folks are starting to really focus on ways to keep themselves as healthy and safe as possible. A great place to spend some time and work on for this is your home and living spaces! There are so many easy and quick ways to make your home healthier, as well as some bigger projects that can be tackled in renovations. 

Let’s talk about the easy and quick changes and additions first. These are things that anyone can do and will be very beneficial long term. On top of COVID-19, colds, and the flu, allergies are also a huge problem for many people. Investing in air purifiers and indoor plants for various rooms in your home can do a lot to improve the air quality and some allergy relief. Just check to make sure that any plants you bring in are safe and nontoxic to pets if you have any. Here's a helpful site from the ASPCA that outlines plants that are toxic to pets.

Staying on top of dust in your home is another easy way to make your space healthier. Sneaky places like window blinds are often a big culprit in dust problems. Dust from window blinds can affect so many areas of health in your life, such as quality of breathing during sleep. Take time once a week to dust/clean these and all surfaces of your home. Not only will your spaces look better, but you'll feel better and breathe easier. 

If you have children, disinfect their toys regularly. Toys can be a hotbed for germs, allergens, and even mold. Toss plush and cloth toys in the washer and dryer once a week and sanitize/clean harder toys every week as well. It can be hard to find time to do this, but set up a schedule and stick to the routine. Even enlist the help of your kids in collecting the toys to make cleaning the whole batch a lot easier. 

Disinfect the doorknobs. Make a habit to clean every doorknob in your home. Microfiber cloths are a great investment to cut down on waste and are useful for all simple cleaning chores, just like this. They just have to be tossed in the wash and then they are good as new to reuse again and again. On the topic of doorknobs, simple designs are the easiest to clean. If your home features knobs and handles with intricate designs, it may be smart to replace them when the time comes to make some design changes. 

Likewise, when it comes to renovations, nonporous materials like steel, quartz, and Corian are the easiest to keep sanitary. Additionally, copper and copper alloys like bronze and brass contain natural antibacterial properties. A good rule of thumb when planning design changes is to to keep surfaces in your home as flat and smooth as possible as these are the easiest to clean and therefore limit the spread of germs.