Top home trends for 2021

March 25, 2021

Top home trends for 2021

Whether you plan on staying in your home or are interested in selling, these following emerging home trends for 2021 will bring comfort and potentially extra value to your home!

1. Zoom Room/Home Office Space- A recent Zillow survey found that there is a very high desire among home buyers for dedicated home office space. According to the survey, this features tops the list of reasons why Americans say that they would consider a move, especially if they believe that they will still be working from home, even only occasionally.

2. Health and Wellness Areas- Another big feature that people are looking for is an extra space or room in a home to build a home gym or workout area. With many folks foregoing their gym memberships due to COVID-19, people have taken a strong liking to having a space in their home that is dedicated to health and wellness for their workout needs.

3. Backyard Oasis and Comfortable Amenities- Maybe in the past people thought pools and hot tubs were too much work, but not so much anymore! "Pool"was the top Zillow keyword search in 2020. "Waterfront" and "dock" were also in the top 20. Outdoor entertaining space is also important to buyers and people looking to do some home improvement projects alike. Things like fire pits, nice outdoor grilling and dining areas, and patios are very popular features right now. Again, because of COVID-19, people had to forego vacations or excursions away from home, so they want features in their home to be relaxing and inviting. They want to feel like they have a bit of luxury, even if it just means stepping out the back door!

4. More space away from the city- We saw a lot of trends in 2020 and now in 2021 that folks are looking to move away from the cities into smaller communities, maybe with more space for their home or larger property acreage. We saw folks leaving their city homes and apartments to move full-time into their more rural vacation properties, as well. In a recent NPR piece, people said that they enjoyed the benefits of smaller town living including greater access to outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, skiing, etc.